Hi friends! I really hope that everyone has made their way over to my new blog home. I have really missed blogging, but felt like I needed a new start. Sooooo, here I am, over at wordpress with a new look (minimal right??) and lots to say. This blog will be some of the same. I will still likely talk about my girls a lot, but I want to go a little deeper. I am back into running/biking/working out again, but this blog won’t be dedicated to documenting weight loss (like Mommy on the Run started). This blog will be just what the subtitle says…finding joy in the everyday. I hope to share our everyday joy with my readers which will include lessons I learn from being a wife and training my kids. My goal is to write at least a small amount 5 days a week, keeping in mind that some days my kids might lose their minds and sleep will trump blog (hence my absence the last few months). There is a button on the right side where you can subscribe to my posts via email (it’s easy Mom, just push the button and follow the steps. You can do it.). I hope that you will continue to read! If you need motivation to come back, just know you will see more of this cuteness…

My cute kids


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