Our Getaway

So Matt and I got the wonderful opportunity to go to New York City last weekend. It was nothing short of amazing. It was our first real trip just the two of us since our honeymoon (excluding small weekend trips). A friend of ours got married on Saturday in New Jersey, so we decided since we were going to the wedding, we might as well celebrate Matt’s birthday and our 5 year anniversary (not until August) while we were there. I’ve been several times, but Matt had never been. We aren’t really beach people (sand…need I say more?), but we love going to new places and I new Matt would love NYC. We had two and a half days in the city and we crammed everything in that we could think of. We went to be exhausted with our legs aching every night, but it was so worth it.

Did I mention to save money we stayed in a hotel with bunk beds and shared bathrooms? It was very…European.

Seriously though, it was a nice hotel in the heart of the city and the only way we could afford it was to take their “budget friendly” option. It was fun!

Our trip started at about 4am Saturday morning when our lovely, wonderful, beautiful (and single) friend Teri graciously drove us to the airport to catch our 6am flight. When we got the the airport, Matt immediately recognized these guys…

Can you name this band?

Hint: they played at Beale St. Musicfest the night before.

Any guesses?


We travelled with them to Charlotte and then split up. Nice guys!

When we arrived in NYC, we checked into our economy-sized room and took the subway to Penn Station to catch a train to New Jersey. Please note the different modes of transportation taken thus far:

1. Car to airport

2. Two flights

3. Cab to hotel

4. Subway to train station

5. Train to Jersey

We finally made it to Jersey where some new friends picked us up and took us to the wedding. The wedding was really sweet and fun. Plus, they had an all dessert reception, which is kinda like heaven on earth for me. After the wedding, we took the long train ride back to the city, and decided to take a cab back to the hotel. Needless to say, we were so exhausted our bunk beds were looking pretty good!

Sunday morning we woke up and started walking. We found our way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral which was in the middle of one of their Sunday masses. We sat for a minute and gawked at the ornate cathedral and then went on our way. It was so odd for a church service to be going on in the midst of a bunch of tourists, but I guess they’re used to it.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral

We walked down 5th Ave. toward Central Park and as we were walking I saw Drew Barrymore!! She just passed us on the street! She was shorter than I thought, but cute. She had all black on and big sunglasses.

We stopped in FAO Schwartz because 1. we needed to get the girls something and 2. it’s amazing. We walked through tons of toys and all I could think about was how much fun Delaney would have in there. Seriously, it would be a day trip. We watched the piano guys do their thing for a little bit, and Matt got to see his man-crush.

The Giant Piano

Matt and Johnny

We saw the Apple store…floating.

Apple Store, 5th ave.

And then took a lap through Central Park. We got to see the zoo, the pond, the infamous bridge and bog rock. It is such a cool feeling to be surrounded by nature in the middle of a huge city.

Central Park in front of the Pond

If you were wondering, a total stranger took this picture and I was a little worried he was going to dash away with my iphone. He didn’t.

We walked to Rockefeller Center and ate a hotdog and a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. They didn’t even to compare to Muddy’s!

Matt eating a real NY hotdog

We went back to the hotel for a bit, and then ventured out to Redeemer Presbyterian Church for one of their evening services. Tim Keller wasn’t preaching, but it was still really interesting to see a Bible-preaching church alive and well in a city like that. They had jazz music which was pretty amazing:)

We ate pizza for dinner and did a little shopping. We made a stop in Dylan’s Candy Bar, and then went to Serendipity for dessert. There were people out the door waiting to get in, but since we only had two people, we didn’t have to wait! I got the Humble Pie (peanut butter pie) and Matt got something really chocolatey. After all of that, we called it a day and went back to our bunks:)

By Monday morning, I was in dire need of some more comfortable shoes so we headed over to Times Square and bought some Nikes. We enjoyed all the lights and signs and then headed toward Macy’s. I spotted another cupcake store, Crumbs, and we stopped. Still didn’t compare to Muddy’s! We made our way to Herald Square to Macy’s. We shopped for a bit, but it’s kinda overwhelming so we moved on.

Macy's, Herald Square

We kept heading south through Soho and into Little Italy. On our way, we saw this…

And we thought it was high in TN

We made our way to the famous Katz’s Deli for lunch. It was Matt’s pick and it was a lot of fun! The restaurant has been in a few movies (including one of my favorites…When Harry Met Sally) and the food is amazing. The owner makes his way around the deli and talks to all his guests.

Matt and Mr. Katz's Deli

We went a little further south into Chinatown…a favorite pastime of mine. I’ve got a story or two that involve back rooms, underground sweat shops, and shady dealings, so I wanted Matt to get a taste of the insanity that is the black market of Chinatown. We were there on a Monday, so it was pretty tame. We made it away with a couple of purses and some sunglasses.

Monday night, we decided to hit up some of the museums and then go to dinner and a movie. We were in the cab on the way to the Met, only to find out they are closed on Mondays. They were also having the Met Gala there that night, but I didn’t know until the next day. I wish we would’ve gone to see all the celebrities!

We went a little further to the Guggenheim. We were in need of some coffee, so we walked through the upper east side to find a coffee place. I don’t think I really have the words to describe the upper east side. There is wealth beyond the imagination. It was so odd for me to see kids and babies being raised in that environment. I couldn’t help to think how their childhood will differ from my kids. Not only monetarily, but just their environments. Most of the kids were with nannies. It was just so…different. A beautiful neighborhood though!

By the time we finished gawking, found coffee and made our way back to the museum, it was closed. We just sat on a bench in Central Park and people-watched until our dinner reservation. This was our view…

The Guggenheim Museum

We had dinner at a wonderful French restaurant, and then went to see the late showing of Arthur. The movie was funny! Surprisingly clean considering Russell Brand stars in it. It was really cool to watch a movie that was filmed in NYC, while we were in NYC.

We had Tuesday morning to spend in the city before we had to be at the airport, so we took a subway to Grand Central Station. It’s absolutely gorgeous there! We ate some breakfast and then went downtown to Wall Street. We saw the big bull and Ground Zero…which is really just a huge construction site. I honestly thought a little more would be going on, especially with the news of Bin Laden’s death.

And that concludes our trip! We had a wonderful time just being together. I’m so glad we got to go, but we were ready to come back to our girls!

Playing with Legos



  1. Traci Stubblefield says:

    I’m so glad yall had such a great trip. I think you should share your story with Muddy’s. I’m sure she would love to know that a little bake shop in Memphis trumps the chic cupcake companies in the northeast. Who knows you might at least get a free frosting for Delaney on your next visit! 🙂

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