Things to Teach my Girls: Cooking

I’m starting a new little series on the blog called…Things to Teach my Girls. Sometimes I might post serious things, other times just silly things, but I thought it might be fun. To kick it off, I’m starting with something that I love to do…cooking!

I want to teach my girls to cook because it’s such a practical and valuable skill to have! I didn’t know much about cooking when I got married, so my mom and grandmother talked me through several recipes over the phone. Growing up, my mom cooked a lot. I don’t know if she really enjoys it, but I’m thankful that she did. We ate dinner together at home most nights. Its my hope that in teaching my girls to cook that they would cook for their families, and open their homes and cook for others.

Shucking corn!

Delaney LOVES to help me cook. I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner most days at home. She always asks me if I “got anything for her to stir.” Her favorite veggie is corn, and she loves to help me shuck corn. We eat it at least once a week!

On another note…Darcy started rolling over today!


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