Memorial Day Weekend

We have had a wonderfully busy Memorial Day weekend. It started off with Delaney’s last day of Mother’s Day Out for the school year. We are taking the summer off and she’ll head back in August. She has loved school this year and I have loved the program. Here she is wearing her pretty new dress that Granny gave her.

My Pretty New Dress!

We picked her up from school and headed to my parents lake house for the night. This was our first trip with both girls so I was a little worried about how everyone would do in the car and sleeping in a new place. They did great! We didn’t hear a peep from them in the car (love our swagger wagon) and both of them slept great! They even took naps on the boat! Maybe we should go to the lake more often…

Ready to Swim!

Daddy and Darcy

Daddy and Delaney

Waking up from a nap

Driving the boat

Saturday night was the annual Memphis in May Sunset Symphony and we were invited to a swanky party at this fancy house on the bluff. Seriously, we were way out of place but it was so much fun. They had lots of food and drinks and the house was gorgeous! It overlooked the river so we could see the symphony from their backyard.

The Girls

The Guys

That’s the house behind the guys. Our friend Darlene (middle of girls) is leaving on Friday for a year in Indonesia, so it was great to get one last night with her. We will miss you Darlene!!

On Sunday, we went on a long walk with our neighbors and friends, Paul and Lisa and their kiddos Quintin and Emmitt.

Daddies pushing babies

Delaney and Quintin were holding hands across the strollers. Oh dear…it’s starting already.

We played in the backyard for a long time. The kids ran in the sprinkler, played in the kiddie pool and we even had pizza and ice cream for lunch. I was for sure I would get a long nap out of Delaney that afternoon, but no luck.

After “rest time” we loaded up the van and went downtown for a Redbirds game. We met lots of friends there and sat on the bluff, picnic style. I packed dinner for our crew. Delaney had her fair share of tantrums (due to the already full day and no nap), but overall we had a great time. Darcy slept a little and ate her dinner well. We made it through the entire game and stayed for the fireworks afterward.

Mommy and Delaney

Darcy and Traci

Daddy and Darcy

So we were waiting on the fireworks to start and Delaney and Quintin were so excited. We took some pictures of them. Please look closely…

Delaney and Quintin

Do you see that little hand around her waist?! Haha!! We didn’t see it until after we took the picture but I just think its hilarious. It’s a little too grown up though. I can just see them 20 years later…

Anyway, Quintin and Darcy loved the fireworks. Delaney, on the other hand, jumped in my lap and covered her eyes. She was terrified! She ended up watching a little, but curled in the fetal position with my hands over her ears. It was a lot of fun though!

Daddy and Delaney

Today we have spent the morning in the backyard. Delaney spent hours in her turtle pool while I planned our week.

We even ate lunch outside!


Delaney and her popsicle

Tonight we are putting together Delaney’s new trampoline! Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


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