Thankful Thursday: Trampoline

Thanks everyone who signed up for the challenge!! If you would like, we can email each day with a summary of how we did that day. What do you think? Wednesday will be our “weigh in” day and when I will post about my progress. Everyone can write their progress in the comments. I’m so excited! Please let any of your friends know if they would like to join in.

I meant to add, if you don’t have an iphone, My Fitness Pal has a website and you can do everything on there.

On to Thankful Thursday. My parents recently bought Delaney her first trampoline! It’s just like Quintin’s (her bff). I’m pretty excited about it because she LOVES it. We had a trampoline growing up and it was so much fun! I have so many memories playing on the trampoline. All of my friends loved it too. We would do flips, double bounce and play games. That was before there were nets, so I fell off more times that I can count. It’s amazing that none of us got hurt.


The one the girls got is smaller, low to the ground, with a net. We got it from

So Happy!

Thanks Mimi and Pop for the trampoline!!



  1. I want to sign up for the weight loss challenge. I should say that the with the mastitis diet I have lost 3 pounds in one day. However, I don’t recommend it:)

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