Yesterday: A Memoir

Let me tell you about our afternoon yesterday. After I posted the “Enough” post, I went about my household duties: attempting nap time for Delaney, keeping Darcy happy, laundry, dinner, etc. I had gotten Delaney some twistable crayons as a surprise and she was in her room coloring. I had two ground rules for the crayons: 1. Only color on paper 2. Do not eat the crayons (she has been a crayon eater since she was a baby…I don’t know what it is). As I was doing stuff around the house, Delaney came and said, “Mommy look!” She had colored in blue all over her face. The following conversation was had:

Me: Open your mouth.

D: No thank you. (runs away comes back in a few minutes with a wad of dental floss)

D: I needed to brush my teeth and use this floss.

Me: Open your mouth.

(She opens…crayons every color of the rainbow are stuck in her teeth)

D: Please forgive me.

Me: Did you color anywhere else besides your face?

D: Yes. In Mommy’s room.

Me: Where in Mommy’s room?

D: Please forgive me.

(Oh dear. I am scared to go look. She won’t even rat herself out.)

I walk back and she had colored on the wall, the mirror and the bedspread. Blue. Lots of blue.

I stop and try not to scream. It worked, I didn’t scream, but it took every ounce of self-control and grace the Lord could give me at that moment.

I went and got Delaney and we had a disciplinary moment, and that was the end of the crayons for a while. I got the Magic Eraser and the crayon came right off the wall. Magic! I cleaned the mirror. I had just washed the bedspread the day before, so I’m waiting for another kid related accident to happen before it gets washed again…it’s kind of a pain to clean.

On to dinner.

Earlier in the afternoon I had prepped some cake for cake balls. It’s my first time making them and they are pretty simple to make, but they take a while. I had the cake mixed with icing and formed into balls, ready to dip in chocolate. Dinner was cooking…mandarin pork chops. I heated the chocolate on the stove top. It was clumpy and I realized the heat was too high. In the meantime, Darcy is getting really fussy in her bouncer. Matt wasn’t going to be home for another 30 minutes. I had to finish the chocolate or I would burn it. I keep going. Baby is getting fussier by the minute. Chocolate is getting clumpier. I dip a few and decide I need to add something to thin the chocolate. Milk? Sounds good. By this time, Darcy is at an all out scream. I pour the milk.

Wrong choice.

The chocolate turns into a stringy, clumpy, mess. I turn the heat off of the stove, pick up the baby. The agony of defeat.

My sister walks in. Takes Darcy. Feeds Darcy. I somehow sent her a smoke-signal-type text during my distress and she came to my rescue (she lives a few streets away).

Matt walks in and asks what happened in the kitchen (in the process of making dinner and cake balls, I managed to use every pot, pan and baking dish available and they were all piled in the sink). I contemplate strangling him. But again, self-control and God’s grace won over. Good thing for him:) He quickly picks up that letting me have a quiet moment would be wise for the both of us.

I finish dinner and calm down a little. The kids will be in bed and asleep by 8pm, I decided that during my quiet moment.

By the time I got dinner on the table, I was good. That’s how mothering is. Calms and storms. Many throughout the day. The dinner was amazing. I have no idea how it survived the disaster area that was my kitchen. Ashley eats with us (least I could do for rescuing me).

Moral of the story? I am so glad that the Lord showed my the stuff from the Enough post earlier in the day. Nothing that happened in my stressful afternoon was a big deal. Everyone was safe and healthy. Thank the Lord that he gives us extra heaps of patience right when we need it.


P.S. I marched back to the store today and got more chocolate. The cake balls are finished:)



  1. Heather says:

    Erin! I love you dear! What a day! I have had so many like that where it just seems like one more thing can’t go wrong…yeah right! But anyway, so glad and thankful for your blogging and your post “Enough” I NEEDED to read that when it came into my inbox! And I LOVE to hear about God in your daily life. I could use a little more calm in my storms. I just need to step back and look at the bigger picture, and remember God is bigger than all of it! πŸ™‚ You are amazing and don’t ever forget it! πŸ™‚ Hope today is a better day! πŸ™‚

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