June Challenge: Week 1

Well today is the day! Weigh in for week 1 of the June Challenge. Here’s how I did…

Weight: Down 2 lbs!!!

Workouts: I’ve spent an hour each day (except Sunday) doing cardio. I switched between the stationary bike, stair master (argggg…), elliptical, and treadmill. I had intentions of getting some outside running in, but its just too dang hot.

Calories: I did okay. It was the days that I ate out (date night) that were difficult. I think I stayed where I needed to, but I didn’t know the exact amount. I also should not have made cake balls yesterday.

Goals for Week 2: Add in some weights and more stretching. Go to the Body Flow class Friday morning. Limit sweets to one small one a day (ex. 1 cake ball instead of…4).

So how did you do?? I would like for everyone to leave their updates in the comments section so everyone participating can read and get encouraged!



  1. Anna C. says:

    good for you, erin! you are such an encouragement. yesterday’s post about delaney and the blue crayons had me giggling..’no thank you’ and ‘please forgive me’..even when mischievous delaney is so polite! i have to agree..it’s a little discouraging to get up early to run and it already be so muggy. aaaaand, can i get the cake ball recipe?

    • Haha. Cake balls are simple. Buy a cake mix and thing of icing (I did white cake and white icing but you can do any combo) and 1 lb. of chocolate bark (I used vanilla). Bake the cake and let it cool for a bit. While it’s still warm, crumble it in a bowl with the tub of icing. Mix it all together and resist eating it straight out of the bowl. Shape it into lots of little balls (I used a melon baller for this). Let them sit in the fridge for an hour or so (overnight if you have an, uh, interruption). Melt the chocolate and dip away! Let them sit an harden and enjoy!!

  2. Traci Stubblefield says:

    Way to go Erin! I’m so proud of you! Cake balls are killer. We have absolutely nothing sweet in our house right now for that very reason. I would eat it all!

    Well the weigh in this morning was great! I was 3 lbs. lighter!

    As for the week’s performance, I ate realtively well and tried to make good food choices. I really struggle during the 2 – 3 p.m. window with sweets. The vending machine has these delicious Chips Ahoy mini-chocolate chip cookies that I indulged in at least 3 times last post.

    So goals for this week:
    1) No more Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies in the afternoons. Plan of action: pack a healthy snack I can eat instead, or if no snack, take a 15 min walk around the campus.

    2) Get moving! I need to get some exercise in to really maximize this good eating. I’m going to make an effort to do a minimum of 30 mins of activity (in gym or outside) at least 3 times before next Wednesday’s weigh in.

    3) Drink more water. We have these little cups at work and my goal will be to drink 5 of them a day.

    So that’s the plan! Can’t wait to see how everyone else did.

    Keep up the good work yall!

    • Yay traci!! I like your goals. I wanted to add something about the water. Ive heard that you should aim to drink half of your weight in ounces per day, so a 150lb person should aim for 75 oz. per day. I carry a 24 oz. water bottle and just try to drink 3 of them a day.

  3. Ok ladies… I’m a little late responding, sorry! Although I didn’t lose any weight, I did have a good week! I’m not surprised that I didn’t lose anything… my body usually takes a while to respond to dieting. Then all at once it will start shedding lbs. So, hopefully I can just maintain for a few weeks,then it will start coming off? At least, I hope! I did really great with my work-outs. I’ve done something physical everyday except last Sunday. (You need to rest at some point!) My dieting has been just “OK.” Those sweets are where I’m having the hardest time.

    So, in a effort to shed some lbs this week, I am eliminating all sweets except for my 80 calorie popsicles I just bought at Costco. (I can’t let them just sit in there for weeks and weeks!) I will indulge in ONE major sweet per week so I am not depriving myself… So far yesterday went well, and I’m off to a good start today! Although, say a prayer for me. I have a lunch meeting today, and they have the BEST peanut butter cookies in there… it will be hard to resist! 🙂

    Hope everyone has a GREAT week… keep up the good work!


    • Good job Claire!! I know what you mean about it taking a little while for a diet to start working. I’m thinking I may have that result for week 2, but we’ll see! Sweets are definitely my downfall too. So hard.

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