Things to Teach My Girls: Reading

Daily Reading Time

Reading is something that I really love to do. I think I always have. I remember reading a lot as a kid and always loving books (Sweet Valley High were my favorite). I had to read a ton for high school and college, so I got a little burned out, but quickly picked it back up again when school was over.

Reading at Muddy's Bake Shop

I used to read a lot of novels. Jane Austen being my favorite author (yes, Darcy is partially named after the character in Pride and Prejudice). I got out of novels in the recent years and started reading lots of theology books, which I have grown to love.

Delaney Reading

In March, I joined a bookclub with a few friends of mine. We read lots of bestsellers, which are mostly novels. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into novels, but I am almost always reading some sort of theology book to go along with it.

I’ve heard it said, “Children become readers on the laps of their parents.” I think that is so true. I want my girls to love reading, not only because daddy and mommy do, but because I want them to be lifelong learners. There is so much wisdom to be learned from others in the pages of a good book. Not to mention, a great story in print is by far better than it’s film counterpart (my opinion).

Right now, we just try to read to them a lot. We read out of their Bibles and all of the other books. We also have reading time each day when I just get out a stack of books for Delaney to “read” and for Darcy to chew on. I hope they will love reading as much as I do!


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