June Challenge: Week 4…plus some news

Well it’s the end of our little challenge here on the little blog. I set out with a goal of losing 8 lbs. in the month of June and generally get back on track post-baby. Here’s how I did…

Weight: Down 1 more lb. bringing my challenge total to 6 lbs!! I didn’t meet the 8 lb. goal, but it was pretty lofty. I’m extremely excited about those 6 lbs. that I am no longer carrying around.

Workout: Due to our news (to be announced at the end of the post), I’ve only been to the gym once or twice since the last post. We leave for vacation tomorrow, so I won’t be in the gym for a while! I’ll hit it when I get back. I’ve definitely gotten back into a workout routine this month though, thanks to this little challenge.

Calories: Still doing well! I didn’t eat out much, and have only been having one sweet a day. I’ve definitely kicked my super dependency on sweets this month, which probably accounts for most of the weight loss. I’ll still have a sweet a day, but not after every meal and definitely not for snacks (seriously, I was out of control!).

So overall, I had fun with this challenge! I hope that you were able to reach some of your goals as well.

Now on to our news….

No, I’m not pregnant.

We are in the process of buying a house! We found one that we love near where we live now. Our offer was accepted today, and we sign the contract tomorrow. If all goes well, we will be in it by the end of August! Yay!!


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