We made it to the beach! Both girls did exceptionally well in the car down here. I went to Target the night before we left and got a few surprises for them and randomly distributed them as they got fussy. Worked like a charm!

The girls have LOVED the ocean. Delaney could (and has) stay out there all day long. She only came in yesterday for meals and a short rest. Thankfully, we have been diligent about the sunscreen and no one has gotten a sunburn. My poor girls are just as pasty white as I am!!

Delaney got buried by her cousins:)

It was right after this that she said she wanted to go inside an rest. She was giving me this face…

…the stank face. I asked her if I could take a picture o send to Mimi and Pop and she whipped out this face…

The moods of this child…Lord help us:)
Delaney has been sleeping great since we’ve been here. Darcy has been waking up at about 2:30am. Instead of fighting it, I’ve just been feeding her and putting her back to bed. We’ll get back on track after vacation, right?!

I think it’s funny they sleep in the same position. I went back and checked on them a little later, and delaney was almost completely under the bed (there’s a bed to the left of them where matt and I sleep). She’s by far the roughest sleeper I’ve ever seen:)

Back to the beach!

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