Beach Part 2

We had a wonderful time at the beach this year. I was so happy that the girls loved the water. We also got to celebrate a new addition to our family…Karen’s new husband Todd! They got married a week before we were at the beach.

Karen and Todd

We had six kids there and they all played so well together. I’m really looking forward to Darcy being old enough for Delaney to play with because she really likes to play with other kids. Darcy liked being on the beach for about 30 minutes at a time. I didn’t get her out of her bouncer much because I just hate sand and I didn’t want her to get it in her eyes.

Daddy and Darcy

Delaney LOVED the beach. As long as someone was with her, she had no fear. She went out as far as the big kids would. Her mommy on the other hand, only goes in knee-deep:)


Everyone's Happy!

Jenna (oldest cousin) drew a picture of Delaney in the sand. Both of them were pretty proud:)

Jenna's "Delaney" Drawing

Delaney and Mason are the closest in age, so they spent a lot of time together.

Mason and Delaney

This is Delaney…way out there!

Daddy and Delaney

Matt said that this was Darcy’s color…


Every year since he was a kid, Matt has dug a huge chair in the sand. This year, he dug a smaller version for Delaney.

Daddy digging a chair for Delaney


Matt took Darcy in the water and she liked it until a big wave splashed her back. I think it scared her because right after I took this, she started screaming:(

Daddy and Darcy

Here are our attempts at family photos…

Moore's Take 1

Moore's Take 2

Haha…We had a great time!! We are so thankful to Matt’s parents for inviting us! We stayed at the beach for four days and then headed to the annual family reunion. More to come…



  1. Anna C. says:

    oh my gosh. those pictures are too cute. the one of darcy where you labeled it “her color”…precious. that little smile! glad you had a good time!

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