I honestly don’t know where to start when I explain Matt’s family reunion. I guess I’ll start with the OJ’s…Original Jones’s, that is. What is an OJ? An OJ is a term used to describe 13 brothers and sisters that began this reunion over 50 years ago. Matt’s grandfather, David Jones, was one of the 13 OJ’s. He has passed away, but most of the OJs are still around and make the trip to reunion every single year.

Reunion took place for years at a camp called Kolimoki in Georgia. There was no air conditioning, and every meal was prepared by hand by family members. Reunion moved to The Vineyard just outside of Troy, AL a few years ago. Praise the Lord, we have air conditioning and the meals are prepared for us…and there’s a pool!

The OJ’s bring all of their kids and grandkids and great-grandkids (usually there are between 100-150 people there) that can make it. There are several family members that are missionaries overseas that can’t make it. Every year, they spread out a huge family tree and we go through it and add all of the new babies (there’s always tons of new babies). We got to add Darcy this year:) We all eat together, play games, swim, visit, and play lots of volleyball. The kids are all in heaven with the amount of space to run around, all of the activities to do, and all of the kids to play with.

Matt has been to reunion every year of his life, except the summer that Delaney was due (she was due three weeks later). I’ve been going every year since before Matt and I were married. Everyone is always so nice and welcoming to me and others that married into the family. This year, one of the OJ’s, Uncle Aziel, brought a box of his new book. He and his wife were missionaries to Costa Rica for years and years. They had all of their 8 children there, and now 6 of their kids are missionaries in other countries. Uncle Aziel and his wife (they are in their 90s now) spent the past few years writing about their life and published it into their first book called “Double Vision.” I can’t wait to read it!

I have never seen a family of generational faith like this family. It’s a kind of Christian heritage that is rare. The OJ’s parents said that the reason that they had so many children was so they would all give the Devil a hard time. One of the OJs does a devotional with the entire group (kids and all) every morning at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also sing a song before every meal. It’s just an atmosphere like no other.

The Peacock

Delaney and Ryan

Delaney and Layna



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