Traveling is over…

We just wrapped up all of our summer traveling and had a great time. I already told you about the beach and reunion. After those trips, we came home for a few days and Matt and I set out for Atlanta and left the girls with Mimi and Pop. It was hard on everyone, can’t you tell…

Pop + Girls

I’m just kidding. The girls LOVE going to their grandparents house, and we are so blessed to live close to both sets of grandparents. They help us tremendously and I am so thankful for that. Plus, my parents have a pool:)

We left for ATL at 5:30am Sunday morning. We made it there in time to go to the 12:00pm service at Blueprint Church. Blueprint is a church plant about two years ahead of our church plant. It was so helpful to see them in action.

Worship at Blueprint

After the service, the pastor, Dhati Lewis invited us to his house to eat lunch and hang out with his wife Angie and their six kiddos. We had a great time and they are a great family.

Matt spent most of the next day in meetings with the Blueprint staff. When he got finished, we went to Six Flags! I have not been to an amusement park since right after my high school graduation! Me and four other girls piled in a car and drove to Disney World. I was kinda nervous how I would handle roller coasters these days.

Matt and me at Six Flags

We rode four roller coasters and I did well! The first one was pretty rough, but they got easier to stomach as we went on. My favorite one was the Superman, you ride it while facing the ground. It was the Superman that defeated Matt though, so we can to throw in the towel after that one:)

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and Athen’s Pizza. We both love the Cheesecake Factory and stop in every time we are near one (Pasta DaVinci…yum). Athen’s Pizza was excellent as well (I got the chicken gyro). We headed back Tuesday afternoon to two tired little girls. I was glad that they both slept well and were well-behaved for my parents. Before we had gone through the gate of my parents neighborhood, they looked like this…

In case you were wondering, yes, Delaney still sleeps with a paci. When she turns three on the 25th, it’s going away though. She already knows and we talk about it often. In exchange for getting rid of the paci, she gets a party and presents:)

We were so thankful to get to go on this little trip. Between ATL and NYC back in May, I think Matt and I have maxed out our getaways for the year:)

Did I mention we also got to go see The Civil Wars last week??? The Civil Wars are one of our favorite bands (one of the few we agree on) and they were absolutely amazing in person. They played at Playhouse on the Square, so it was a smaller show. If you haven’t heard them, buy their album now:)

Matt and I at The Civil Wars show


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