More News:)

On Friday I got some pretty exciting news. My old boss (as in, former boss…she’s not old) called me and offered me a job blogging and handling their social media!!!!!!!! This possibility came about a month or so ago, and I wrote a proposal and a sample article. They made the offer to me on Friday! I will be working in the office on Wednesdays and the rest of my part time hours will be at home. I’ll be writing one article a week for their website and handling the Facebook and Twitter accounts. My sister works for the same company, so we get to carpool:) My mom will keep the girls for me. I’m so excited! I start this Wednesday.

I really love writing, but I honestly never thought that I could get a job doing it. Praise the Lord!

I’m also going to be helping revamp their website. Does anyone have any great website designers to recommend?



  1. congratulations, erin! how exciting! if you are looking for an actual website company,
    we used rocketfuel design company for our website..they are awesome. will work with any size business.

  2. I know several, let me know if you want their names and info… Most of them are in Marketing or ECommerce at AutoZone…

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