Delaney’s Birthday, Part 1


I'm Three!

Well, our sweet girl turned three on Monday and what a day it was. We started off at home. She got to sleep in Pop’s big t-shirt the night before which she thought was pretty cool. Please count the outfit changes for the day…

New dress:)

Her party isn’t until Saturday, but she got a new princess dress and some Melissa and Doug dress up dolls from Mommy and Daddy. This girl LOVES a princess dress.

Daddy and Darcy

"I look beautiful!"

New dolls

Donuts for breakfast!

I even brought home some donuts for breakfast!

Outfit count: 2

Lunch at Red Robin

We got ready and met my mom, grandmother and Aunt Ashley for lunch at Red Robin. They sang to her and brought her a sundae. This picture was taken right before The Red Robin Meltdown of 2011 that occurred when her whipped cream fell off of her sundae. It was quite the show.

Outfit count: 3

Shopping with Granny

Granny brought her a princess dress that looks like the one Rapunzel wears in Tangled. She got to wear it while we shopped:)

Outfit count:4

The girls napped and then we got ready to go to a very special party. A party that deserves its own post.

To be continued:)




  1. Heather says:

    Looks like fun! I’m still baffled that they are already turning 3! M will be getting a “Tangled” dress from her Grammy too! I hope she adores it as much as Delaney! 🙂

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