Delaney’s Birthday Part 2, Arianna’s Party

We were invited to a very special party for some sweet friends of ours. Leticia and Enrique have two beautiful girls, Arianna, 5, and Alivia, 3. We’ve known them for a few years now, since they moved here for Arianna’s treatment at St. Jude. Arianna has a rare cancer called AT/RT and has been in remission since last year. A couple of weeks ago, the family went for their routine scans and found out that Arianna’s cancer has relapsed and they were not given much hope. Needless to say, everyone who knows and loves this little girl is devastated, but focusing on making Arianna’s life as full of love and fun as it can be. They got to celebrate Christmas in July last week, complete with Santa, firefighters, and lots of family and friends. They are about to leave for Disneyworld and to visit family for several weeks before Arianna starts oral chemo at the end of August. Please  visit their blog to learn more about this family. If you would like to help, please pray that the Lord would see fit to perform a miracle in this little girl’s life, and comfort her and her family in the process. You can also visit here to help financially.

Back to the party.

Arianna invited all her girlfriends to Sweet and Sassy for a little party.

Arianna and Delaney

The girls got to dress up, get their nails done, hair pulled up and put make-up on.

Delaney getting her nails done

Getting her hair done

Delaney Posing

Getting Make-Up done

I see you!

"Look at my cheek!"

Leticia and Delaney

Delaney and Arianna


Then they got to walk the runway! This was SO FUNNY! They got to pose and everything. It was awesome.

Walking the runway

ALL the little girls:)

We were so glad to spend Delaney’s birthday with so many friends. It was a blast and a great way to celebrate Arianna!


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