The Paci Fairy



A few weeks ago, a very special visitor came to our house. I had been telling Delaney for weeks that when she turned three, she didn’t need a paci to sleep anymore. We picked a day on the calendar and started planning for the Paci Fairy to come to our house. It started with our annual check-up with Dr. Bubba…

She checked out perfectly fine and got this little doll from Target for doing such a great job (plus I was trying to butter her up since her paci was leaving soon). We got to go to McAlister’s “just me and you” and to Gigi’s to get a cupcake.

That night was her last night with her paci. It was bittersweet for both of us.

The next morning, I told her the paci fairy would be there soon so we needed to put all of her pacis in a bag. She gathered all of them herself. We checked behind her bed to make sure none had fallen.

Delaney and her Pacis

Then, we actually got a phone call from the Paci Fairy herself! She called and told Delaney to put her pacis on the table and go to her room and watch a show. When the show was over, she could come out and check the table.

Delaney did exactly what the Paci Fairy told her to do. When she came out, she had toys!!

New toys!

Thanks Paci Fairy!

That night, she spent the night with my parents because her birthday party was the next day. She did fine at my parents house without the paci…only asked for it once. But when she is at my parent’s house, she gets to sleep in their room and stay up late. Totally different from home.

When she came home the next night, the trouble started. We’ve had several rough nights without the paci. She has only asked for it a couple of times, but she has to learn a new way to comfort herself to go to sleep. She still has her lovies, but doesn’t want them as much because she doesn’t have the paci. They were a package deal I guess.

I know she will get the hang of it in time, we are just trying to be understanding and consistent.

Any advice for easing paci pain?



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