Back to School

Delaney started back to school this week. She goes to a local parent’s day out program two days a week. Last week at orientation, we found out that pastors’ families get half off!! Score! We had no idea!

Thankfully, there are lots of the same kids in her class as last year. Plus, her favorite teacher, Ms. Bess, got to move up with her. Score again!

In preparation for school, Mimi took us shoe shopping yesterday. I don’t know about your kids, but by the end of the summer, Delaney’s shoes are ready to be thrown away. Just nasty. We didn’t want her to be the stinky feet kid at school, so off we went to get some new kicks.

We’ve gotten 90% of Delaney’s shoes from the same store. They have a great selection and really make sure the shoes fit well. I could not get over how big the shoes looked. We got three pairs of shoes ranging in size from 9-10. She specifically requested some purple tennis shoes, and we found some!

New purple kicks!

We also got some white t-strap Keds and some brown dressier shoes. Thanks Mimi!

The girls have been waking up super early this week for some reason. They usually sleep until 7:30-8, or even later, but this week it’s been more like 6:30-7. It has made for some very grumpy girls by the end of the day. Delaney got to swim yesterday, so swimming combined with waking up early, meant she crashed…

I got all of her stuff ready for school. She got to wear her new shoes. Here’s the big girl before her first day…

She definitely looks more excited than she actually was. She was a little nervous, and cried when Matt dropped her off, but I know she will be fine. She has so much fun when she is actually there. Plus, she gets a sucker when she leaves:)





  1. she is so beautiful, erin! growing up so fast, huh?

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