Well we did it.

We did it. We moved.

Beginning Friday afternoon, we took load after load to our new house. I didn’t start getting stressed until about mid-day Saturday when I realized there was no turning back. Both houses were in total disarray and there was nothing to do but press forward. Thank the Lord for our families. Seriously. I do no know what we would do without them. My in-laws helped us Friday, and then kept the girls for us Saturday morning so we could get the big stuff without worrying about loosing a kid. My parents painted Delaney’s room Friday night, and helped us move all day Saturday and Sunday. My grandparents built shelves in Delaney’s room to store all of her toys, and are going to help us tile a backsplash in the kitchen this week. They are awesome and we are so grateful for them.

We are getting things settled room by room. Today, my goal is to finish the kitchen. I’m planning on posting finished photos of everything in a few weeks. The girls did great going to sleep in their new rooms, but at 3:15am, Delaney came to my room asking me to turn off the light outside. I went to her room and she was talking about a street light outside her window. She was adamant that it needed to be turned off! I tried to explain to her that I couldn’t turn it off, but I was so tired, I ended up laying at the end of her bed until she fell asleep. It’s 8:50am right now, and she is still sleeping:)

After a full day of moving, we walked around the corner to a neighbor’s house for the annual neighborhood ice cream social on Saturday night. We were so sweaty, hungry and tired, but we had the best time meeting all of our neighbors! The hardest thing about leaving our old house is leaving our dear friends, the Miller’s, who live across the street (I am diligently looking for a house for them to buy in our current neighborhood). But it was so nice to see the community in our new neighborhood. They get together several times a year (one time being their HUGE 4th of July parade) and really seem to look after each other.  Some of our new friends even brought us some amazing bran muffins and brownies yesterday. The neighbors have definitely made us feel welcome.

Off to work in the kitchen!



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