The Living Room Tour

My parents took the girls to visit my grandmother on Sunday afternoon, so Matt and I had the whole afternoon to work on the house, kid-free. I really, really wish I took “before” pictures, but here is a tour of our living room after we completed it Sunday night.

A new little red chair...needs something behind it.

A view from the foyer.

The recliners.

The TV...with new sconces.

View from the recliners into the foyer.

With the exception of the the two new chairs, pillows and sconces, we had everything else already. We haven’t figured out the lighting situation yet. Some of our lamps just don’t seem to go. Any ideas?

The room is kind long and has lots of windows. It can get a little hot from all of the sun, so there are TWO ceiling fans. It’s a little odd, but we have really enjoyed it!

So what do you think? Any ideas for the room? I’ll take some better pictures today with better light. Sometimes, the iphone camera is a little too convenient:)




  1. Traci Stubblefield says:

    Love it! It looks great! What an awesome way to maximize the space! You can fit a ton of folks in there. I also love what you did with the walls and all the color you brought into the room. Well done! I can’t wait to get by there and see everything! So excited for yall…..

  2. Ashley Ramsey says:

    Love it! What color are the walls? I can’t tell. It looks like you’ve really changed your color scheme from the last place.

  3. Really pretty, Erin! A tall plant or a tri-fold screen would look good behind the cute red chair.

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