Update on Matt

Matt went back to surgery at about noon. I got to go down into the pre-op area and wait with him. He was really nauseated and had a really bad headache from the medicine and lack of sleep. It was so weird because all of the people we have dealt with have been within a few years of our age. So strange. They have all been great though. Both times Matt has been at Baptist the staff has been fantastic.

Anyway, the surgery started around noon and was over by 1:15pm. Everything went normally. The appendix was definitely inflamed, so it was definitely appendicitis, not ileitis (another possibility they hadn’t ruled out). The doctor commented that Matt had a really long appendix, longer than any he had ever seen before (but the guy couldn’t have been over 30 so I’m not sure how many appendices he’s seen!).

He is still in recovery now, but he is awake and I’m sure saying some crazy stuff. He should be back in a bit. If he’s feeling like it, we should be able to go home tomorrow. Thanks for praying!


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