On this day…

…in PCM history, we had our first public service. September 11, 2011.

A real live service. With music. And preaching.

And people came that weren’t related to us.

I have to say, it was a surreal time. PCM has been in the making/dreaming stage for a few years now and to finally see it in action, it was amazing. It was similar to the feeling of meeting both of my daughters for the first time. I carried them for nine months just wondering what they would look like and how they would act, and then they are born and the emotions are overwhelming. It felt like yesterday, PCM was born.

Matt was still hobbling around after his appendix surgery, but there is no way he was going to stay home on this monumental day. Mondonico preached a fantastic sermon (which I will listen to via podcast this week since I am the designated children’s director and was with the kiddos during the sermon) and the music was awesome. I am so thankful to God for the musicians he brought to PCM. They truly love the Lord and they are seriously talented.

We were blessed with twelve kiddos during the sermon…ages 0-7. Four of them were crawlers. The big kids got to sit at a table and make cards for the firefighters at the fire department that is next to the community center where we meet (it was weird to think that none of those kids were around on 9/11/01). Matt led a prayer for those affected by the attacks, and thanking God for those that protect us.

All in all, it was a wonderful first service. We are so thankful for those 40 people who came, and pray that we stay true to the vision God has given us. To God be the glory.


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