The Target Card…for real

I shop at Target…a lot.

It’s my go-to spot for most anything, and with two Targets within a few minutes of my house, I feel like I am there about every other day. Almost every time I would go to Target, the nice cashier would say, “Would you like to save 5% by opening a Target card?” And every time, I would hear the little Dave Ramsey sitting on my shoulder saying “Credit cards are a tool of the Devil!! Just say no!!” and would politely decline.

Until my mom found out the secret of the Target card.

One day, my mom called me practically ecstatic…

Mom: “Did you know you can save 5% at Target when you open a card????!!!!”

Me: “Yes, I think I have heard that before.”

She then went on to tell me that there are two options for a Target card, a credit card and a debit card. The credit card is a normal credit card, fees, interest rates and all. But the debit card works just as your main debit card works. It is tied to your checking account, so when you use it, the transaction posts to your checking account as any other POS transaction would post. All you have to do is use the Target card instead of your normal debit card (you still enter the PIN number that you use for your regular debit card). The real bonus is that you get 5% off every time you shop at Target.

The benefit to Target is that they do not have to pay the fee that most major credit card companies charge every time you swipe something with a Visa® or MasterCard®. In summary:

  • You save 5% each time you shop at Target.
  • You do not  have to open a credit card, you can simply open a debit card.
  • Target saves money on their credit card fees.
Everyone go on out and start saving!