Before: The Hallway

I have three big projects on my list for the house:

1. Hang photo collage in the hallway.

2. Organize pantry.

3. Organize upstairs office.

This week, I am tackling the photo collage in the hallway. I searched Pinterest for some inspiration, and found lots of ideas. 

The frames that I will be using are all different, so I am thinking of printing all of the photos in black and white to make it cohesive. Here is the before picture of the hallway…

View from the kitchen

View from our bedroom

Stuff that will be gone when project is finished...

The hallway is pretty wide, so I am planning on hanging stuff on both sides (maybe a collage on one side, big wedding pic on the other side). The best part of this project? The only money I am spending is on the photos I am printing, and I have a coupon at Shutterfly!

I hope to have the finished results to show you on Monday. Any ideas/recommendations?