Missoni Score!

I’m sure a lot of you heard about the Missoni for Target special that started last week. Basically, Missoni designed a line of their uber expensive designer clothes for Target. There was no back stock, and no more items coming in. On their launch day, it crashed Target’s website. I ventured into Target last Thursday to get a few things and wandered over to the clothes. There was one rack of Missoni stuff left that included a couple of kids outfits and one woman’s sweater. That was it. Then I wandered back to the shoes and found one pair of these left…

Cute huh?

Like I said, one pair left…in my size. I snatched them up.

Then I looked down and there was one tiny little box of girls shoes. I picked them up and they were Delaney’s size! Score!


When I checked out, I asked for a discount since they were the last pair and were on display, and they gave me 15% off. I love a deal.

Did you get anything from the Missoni line?



  1. you can ask for a discount when they are the last pair?!?! really?? what other tricks do you have up those mom sleeves of yours?! haha

    • Haha…it never hurts to ask! I knew they weren’t replenishing any of the stock, and that everything had been picked over. Plus, since they were the last pair, both were on display which means they had been handled a lot. It worked!

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