Fall Challenge

Remember the June challenge? We all decided to take the month to get healthy and lose a few pounds. How did that go for you?  For me, I lost 6lbs. and gave up a dependence on sweets. It went well!

Until July rolled around.

Between a couple of vacations, moving, stopping breastfeeding and a transition period in general, I’ve managed to gain about 8 lbs. On the bright side, at least I lost 6 before I gained 8! But still, I gained 8 lbs. and I am really feeling it. My clothes are snug and I just feel a little yucky. Time to get back into the groove.

We started consistently back at the gym last week, and I started running again. It took a few runs before I got over the feeling that my body was going to totally fall apart. Yesterday was the first really good run I’ve had in a while. I’m working on developing a workout plan now, so I incorporate some strength training and stretching too. Here’s my tentative schedule:

  • Monday- Body Pump (strength class)
  • Tuesday- Run
  • Wednesday- Off
  • Thursday- Speed Run + CX30 (core class)
  • Friday- Body Flow
  • Saturday- Run
  • Sunday- Off

Yesterday, I recorded my weight and took my measurements. I’m planning on doing this every Monday, so I can track my progress. For me, it’s more motivational to see results as often as I can.

My goal is to lose about 10 lbs. by the holidays. That gives me about 10 weeks before Thanksgiving to get in gear. I feel like that weight is a good target weight for me (give or take a few pounds). My clothes fit well, and I feel good.

So that’s my plan. Anyone care to join in with me? Like last time, I will post my results every week (probably on Wednesday or Thursday) for the duration of the challenge, and ask that you leave your results and motivational comments in the comments section. What do you think?