If I had a third hand…

After two miserable nights, I cracked yesterday and took the girls in to see our favorite pediatrician…Dr. Bubba. Delaney has been really congested and coughing (but acting completely normal) for a few days. Poor Darcy had just been really fussy and not sleeping well, neither of which are normal for her. When she woke up with a fever yesterday morning, I knew what I had to do.

I generally avoid taking them to the doctor until I have a real reason to (i.e. fever in a 9 month old when she can’t tell me what hurts). Nine times out of ten, it’s just a virus that has to run its course. It is so frustrating paying two co-pays for a virus. Anyway, things just didn’t seem right so I took them both in.

Delaney was up first. She was literally bouncing off the walls. Something about sickness gives the kid a double dose of energy. She let Dr. Bubba poke around and the verdict was two ear infections. Seriously? She was the one I was banking on it just being a virus. She got bubble gum medicine (amoxicillan) and was as happy as a clam.

Darcy was next. Dr. Bubba did all the normal stuff, but nothing seemed to be wrong. No congestion, coughing, ears were good…hmmmm. The next step was to do blood work and urinalysis.


On a nine month old.

Has anyone ever had to do this before?

The nurse came in and cleaned Darcy and then attached this sticky plastic bag to her “area.” Then she told me to hold her in a standing position until she peed.

A standing position? Until she pees? The kid could barely hold her head up and she wanted me to hold her in a standing position? I did my best while Delaney ran laps around the 7×7 foot exam room. Then the nurse did the finger prick. Darcy didn’t seem to mind that any of this was going on, but then there was Delaney…

“What are you doing??!! There’s red stuff!! I don’t like the red stuff!!! I don’t want the red stuff!! I don’t want my finger to have the red stuff on it!!”

She has a small issue with blood. She hates it.

I kept Darcy in the standing position, and tried to explain to Delaney that Darcy was fine and that she did not have to have her finger pricked, only Darcy.

At this point, Delaney is clinging to me like a monkey. Seriously. I have two hands on the standing baby with the ziploc attached to her private, and a Delaney sized clothespin around my waist.

If I had a third hand, I would have taken a picture.

Delaney slowly slid to the ground and regained her composure. And then found an Elmo book.

At that moment, Darcy seemed to finally realize what was going on around her and lost it.

“Please Jesus, let her pee” was all I could say.

Within a few moments, Dr. Bubba was back in the room with the results of the blood work. Virus. We could take the pee bag off and treat the fever with Tylenol.

It was a fun trip! Darcy slept for a good chunk of the day, and Delaney still didn’t seem to be bothered with her ears. They both slept much better last night, which I am very thankful for. Hopefully, they will be all better soon.



  1. Been there with that same exact scenario! Pee bag, 3 year old running around like a mad man…I feel your pain.
    Also, I’m surprised Dr. Bubba did blood work. He NEVER does blood work on my 2. I’m close to going elsewhere.

    • This was the first time that he’s done blood work on either of them, but they aren’t sick all that often. Have y’all had a bad experience? We love him:) He was my ped as well.

  2. Sweetie, the correct term is “urinalysis” – sorry, just had to do it for Leann 😉
    And a specimen bag is better than a cath any day. Trust me.
    Feel better, sweet girls!

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