PCM Kids





I thought I would share a few pics of PCM Kids. I’m in charge of coordinating the volunteers for our kiddos, and it has been such a joy to serve in this way. We never know how many kids to expect, but we usually have a full class.

Because we are so small, we keep things simple with the kids. They only leave the service during the sermon, and they come back as soon as the sermon is over to sit with their family.

Each week, we start with a snack, then read a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible (hands down, the best kids Bible…adults should read it too).

After the story, we do a VERY simple craft, or we just color.

Delaney got a little carried away with coloring this week.

It’s such a fun way to serve the church! The best part is that all of our core members are involved in volunteering, even the ones that don’t have any kids. Last week, Matt and James were in there and they did great! The kids just love people that love them and I love that our people love kids.

New Music: Seryn

I got Seryn’s album last week and it was been on repeat for a good chunk of the week. It’s awesome. If you are looking for some new music, I would highly recommend it. It’s different from anything that I currently have. The sound is a little like Gungor’s newest album, with a little Civil Wars thrown in (the bluegrass version of Civil Wars). Give it a shot!

Fun at Home

Thanks to my parents, I have a new view from my kitchen window…

That’s right, a gymset. A HUGE gymset. Here’s a better view…

This baby was built in the backyard on Friday and Delaney could hardly contain herself when we pulled into the driveway on Saturday. This thing is fully loaded with a rock climbing wall, tire swing, glider, rope ladder, and more! Delaney played well after dark on Saturday, and then for several more hours on Sunday. She has absolutely loved it so far. It even has a little swing on it for Darcy, which has also been a hit. Matt was out there with them for hours Sunday after it stopped raining. I think he was having just as much fun as them:)

While we were stuck inside in the rain yesterday, we gathered all the pillows in the house and made a huge jumping pit.

Delaney jumped, and jumped, and jumped… Darcy just climbed around and watched. It was so fun! They were worm out afterward. Delaney almost took a nap:)

What do yall do on a rainy day?

Mobile, AL

We went to Mobile, AL last week for Matt’s grandmother’s funeral. We left Darcy at home with my parents and just took Delaney. The service went well. Matt read a poem that his dad wrote for his mom. It was sweet. I’m glad so many family and friends got to come. She was a sweet lady.

Since we only had Delaney with us, we wanted to do something fun with her. This was the first time she had ever stayed in a hotel and she loved it! For some reason, when we got there, she stripped down and got under the covers. Hmmm…

She had her own bed, which she loved and so did I. She only fell off of the bed once and there were no injuries.

Friday morning before the funeral, we drove downtown to the USS Alabama to explore the battleship and all of the airplanes. It was a lot of fun! I told Matt, if we had boys they would probably be in heaven. Delaney and I enjoyed it, but we were ready to go before we got to the submarine. I think Matt could have stayed longer:)

Fall Challenge: Week 5

Last week was a little off. We got the new on Tuesday that Matt’s grandmother had passed away. We left for Mobile on Thursday morning and came home on Saturday. We had a great time with family, celebrating the life of Matt’s grandmother…and ate a ton! Including many, many wonderful desserts. I was pretty nervous to step on the scale this morning, but here are the results for week 5…

Weight: Lost 1 pound! I’m not sure how that happened!

Inches: Lost 1.5  inches!

Workouts: I made it to all of my scheduled workouts until we left for Mobile. The only work out I did in Mobile was take Delaney to see the USS Alabama. There was lots of climbing and walking!

Eating: Please see above.

Goals for this week: Make it to all of my workouts, eat at home and lose another pound. I’m at 4 pounds total!

Here’s the workout schedule for the week:

  • Monday: Treadmill run and total body circuit training
  • Tuesday: Cardio (1 hour, bike and run)
  • Wednesday: Body Pump
  • Thursday: off
  • Friday: Bike and Body flow
  • Saturday: long run outside
  • Sunday: Off
If you happen to be looking for a little guidance at the gym, here’s a circuit workout I put together and have done twice. It takes me about 50 minutes and burns about 515 calories (according to my heart rate monitor which is set for my height and weight).
Warmup on the treadmill (10 minutes or 1 mile)
Circuit 1
Standing lunge and lift (when you stand from your lunge, lift the back leg)
Chest fly
Standing row with tricep kickback
Leg lifts (lay down on a bench, straighten your legs straight up, lower them as low as you can and pull them back up)
Circuit 2
Plie squat with bicep curl
Overhead press
Tricep Dips
Plank (60 seconds, straight arms)
Repeat each circuit twice, doing 12-15 reps of each exercise. In between circuits, do 60 seconds of a cardio blast (I alternate between high knees and butt kicks).
End with 10 minutes on the bike.
I’m not a trainer or anything, this is just something I made up from watching trainers in the gym, reading blogs, etc. Have a great week!

Few days away

I hope everyone is doing well. Matt’s grandmother passes away earlier this week, so we are spending time with family. Please his family in your prayers. I’ll be back writing on Monday.

Lessons Learned in the Night

Like I said, this weekend was pretty rough as far as sleeping goes. The girls took turns staying up all night crying. Matt and I hadn’t gone through nights like that since the newborn days (for those of you in the newborn days now…sleep will return!!). In the middle of it all, I acted like a big baby myself, practically stomping and huffing and puffing each time I had to get up.

Seriously, Erin?! You are a mom. Sleep is a luxury, not a necessity in these early years.

When the kids have trouble sleeping, I go through a series of quick, random mood changes. I can go from frustration to anger to tears to compassion to guilt in five minutes. I have zero control over my emotions when the kids mess with my sleep. Anyone else feel like that?

On Saturday, I was moping about how I hadn’t slept and wondering if we would sleep that night when I felt like the Lord smacked me. How selfish was it of me to be dwelling on the lack of sleep when my two precious girls were sick? They were given to me to take care of. They weren’t sleeping because they needed their parents. They were hurting, and I was being a jerk. Not to them directly, but my attitude was childlike.

I happened to be listening to Shane and Shane’s new album (The One You Need…excellent by the way) while moping. Their song “Grace is Sufficient” came on right when I was having my come-to-Jesus meeting with myself (excellent song) and it reminded me of this promise…

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Cor. 12:9

My grace is sufficient.

Even in the middle of the night when the kids are screaming in pain.

Even when sleep is rare.

Even when I am being a jerk.

Paul counted sleepless nights as one of the many persecutions he endured (2 Cor. 11)…in the same list as being beaten, shipwrecked, without food, etc. While I might not ever experience the type of hardships Paul faced, sleepless nights are counted in that list which means they are hard and unpleasant, and I should rejoice in those (James 1) as times of stretching, learned, sanctification, and grace-filled experiences.

If you have little ones, chances are you have felt the same things I’ve described. Maybe you’ve even been a jerk when your kids needed you from time to time. His grace is sufficient.

Fall Challenge: Week 4

This has been a tough week! The girls have been pretty sick and we didn’t sleep much this weekend. But earlier in the week everything was going well and they had a much better night last night. Isn’t it just miserable not to sleep? Friday night, it was Delaney who was up all night (seriously…all night). I took her in Saturday morning to the sick clinic and she had a ruptured ear drum:( Poor thing. She was back to her old self within an hour of her first dose of antibiotics. Kids are resilient, I tell ya.

Darcy had her turn Saturday night and was up most of the night coughing. This poor girl has had one heck of a virus that has included fever, congestion, vomiting, diarrhea, and now, an awful cough. I’ve taken her to the doctor three times within this one virus, and each time has had the same result…just a virus. I just feel bad for her. On Sunday, I called my friend Brittany to get some cough advice (her oldest gets a cough every time he gets sick…I knew she would have some wisdom to share!), and it worked! Last night she slept all night long:)

So I feel like a new woman this morning! Even better, here are my challenge results for week 4…

Weight: LOST 3 LBS!!!! WOOHOO!! I think I finally broke my little plateau!

Inches: lost 1/2 inch

Workouts: I made it to all of my scheduled gym workouts (four total), but didn’t get the Saturday one in because I needed to focus on Delaney.

Eating: Doing better. I haven’t had many sweets at all, and I’m not snacking after dinner anymore.

Goals for this week: Still working on getting everyone healthy and back to normal. I want to make all of my workouts, and continue doing well with nutrition. I got a heart rate monitor that I’ve been wearing and it has helped my workouts so much. It motivated me to keep my heart rate up and not take as many breaks. Love it!

Our friend Kenny joined our gym, so Matt and he will start working out this week too.

Here’s the workout schedule for the week:

  • Monday: Treadmill run and total body circuit training
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: Body Pump
  • Thursday: Cardio (1 hour, bike and run)
  • Friday: Bike and Body flow
  • Saturday: long run outside
  • Sunday: Off
I’m really happy with the results this week! I hope I can keep it up!


I try to play music a lot at home. I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago for a docking station/speakers for my phone or ipod so we can play music at home a little easier. Here are some of my favorite albums right now…

  • Adele- 19 or 21
  • Andrew Peterson- Counting Stars
  • Brooke Fraser- Flags
  • The Civil Wars- Barton Hollow
  • Hillsong United- Aftermath
  • JJ Heller- Deeper and When I’m With You
  • Mat Kearney- Young Love

What are some of your favorites??

Fall Porch Project

Our little front porch has been so bare since we have moved in. This week, it was my mission to make it a little prettier with some Fall inspired decor. I scoured Pinterest and combined several things I saw into the idea for this wreath. Here’s a how-to…

Things you need:

  • 1 wreath
  • 6 sheets of felt in various colors
  • roll of masking tape
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon to hang
Trace circles onto the felt, using the masking tape as a guide. Use the inside and outside to make two different sizes.
After you cut out all the circles, cut the circles into spirals…
Starting from the center, roll up the felt into little “blooms” and hot glue the ends. After all of your blooms are made, hot glue to the wreath…
Hang it with the ribbon…
With the wreath and some mums, my little porch wasn’t so boring anymore!