Sock Solution

I’m pretty sure it’s a universal pandemic…no matter how advanced you are in your laundering skills, socks get lost. With each new child that comes to our family, the laundry seems to grow exponentially. I really like to do laundry, so I don’t mind the amount of it, but I hate losing socks! With two little girls, it’s also difficult to tell their socks apart because they are practically the same size. A few days ago, I set out to solve the sock pandemic. I sorted all the socks, and Darcy’s teeny socks got a little black dot on the toe so I can differentiate. I then went to Target and found this…

The Sock Bag

It’s a lingerie bag, but I’m using it for socks. All the socks go into the bag, then into the washing machine and dryer. Then they come out, WITHOUT LOSING ANY SOCKS!!

I know this is a silly post about socks, but this seriously made my day:)

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