The strangest thing happened…

So last week, the strangest thing happened. My feet grew. Seriously.

I know it’s common for a woman’s feet to grow during pregnancy, but my youngest is almost 10 months old…and I am not pregnant.

I have no idea what happened, but my running shoes in particular started hurting. After I would work out, my toes were killing me! A few other pairs of shoes have also felt a little snug. I knew it was time for new running shoes anyway, but I was trying to wait until we had a little more flexibility in our budget…or Christmas, whichever came first.

But the aching toes won. With the amount of time I spend in running shoes (i.e. running, gym, walking around the hood, cleaning house, etc.) I just couldn’t stand aching toes until Christmas. Darcy and I stopped into Fleet Feet (my fav running store) and picked up a new pair of shoes while Delaney was at school on Friday. I love Fleet Feet because they take time to make sure you get the right type of shoe. The first time I went, I ran on a treadmill and they discovered I was an over-pronator and needed a stability shoe. I had never used stability shoes in the past, and paid for it in the form of shin splints. Since I’ve had the right shoes, I’ve had zero injuries:) I went with Nikes this time…

Nike Zoom Structure+ 15

I’ve always run in Asics in the past, but they didn’t have a 10.5 in my normal Asics….yes, I now wear a 10.5 in running shoes. To be 5’7” I have huge feet. Firm foundations. Anyway, the Nikes felt amazing. The toe box is extra wide, so there is no squishing the toes. For those of you who do not know this little fact about me, I was born with 11 toes. I had six toes on my left foot and had surgery when I was four to remove the extra little piggy. Because of that, I really need more room for my toes:)


My feet are so happy in their new shoes. I walked around the house and went for walks over the weekend, then had my first run with them on Monday. They are great!


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