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I like blogs. Usually. There is so much stuff I’ve learned from other because of blogging. I love that there are blogs for anyting under the sun (kinda like iphone apps!). If I wanted to take up knitting, there’s a blog for that. Water skiing? There’s a blog for that! Homeschooling? There’s a (tons) blog for that!

I used Google reader to keep up with all of my favorite blogs. It’s a free service from Google. All you do is sign in with your google account info, and add blogs by their URL. Any new posts automatically feed into your reader for you to scroll through. It’s much easier than going to each individual blog (although I do to check in every now and then).

I thought I would share one of my favorite blogs these days. I found this blog from Bobbi’s blog. Since we just moved, I have been on a cleaning and organizing spree. I love for everything to have a place, which is always a challenge with a husband who is not gifted in organization, and two kidlets. I Heart Organizing has been a wonderful place for ideas and inspiration for our new home. No home is perfect, and ours is no different. We absolutely love the house, but there are a few places that we have to get creative to make it work (i.e. pantry and closets).  This blog has helped me immensely! Go on over and visit!



  1. It is taken me a short while to read each of the comments, but I must say i enjoyed the post. I know it will be very beneficial to me. It’s always a pleasurable surprise when a post is both beneficial and entertaining! Thank you

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