Fall Challenge: Week 5

Last week was a little off. We got the new on Tuesday that Matt’s grandmother had passed away. We left for Mobile on Thursday morning and came home on Saturday. We had a great time with family, celebrating the life of Matt’s grandmother…and ate a ton! Including many, many wonderful desserts. I was pretty nervous to step on the scale this morning, but here are the results for week 5…

Weight: Lost 1 pound! I’m not sure how that happened!

Inches: Lost 1.5  inches!

Workouts: I made it to all of my scheduled workouts until we left for Mobile. The only work out I did in Mobile was take Delaney to see the USS Alabama. There was lots of climbing and walking!

Eating: Please see above.

Goals for this week: Make it to all of my workouts, eat at home and lose another pound. I’m at 4 pounds total!

Here’s the workout schedule for the week:

  • Monday: Treadmill run and total body circuit training
  • Tuesday: Cardio (1 hour, bike and run)
  • Wednesday: Body Pump
  • Thursday: off
  • Friday: Bike and Body flow
  • Saturday: long run outside
  • Sunday: Off
If you happen to be looking for a little guidance at the gym, here’s a circuit workout I put together and have done twice. It takes me about 50 minutes and burns about 515 calories (according to my heart rate monitor which is set for my height and weight).
Warmup on the treadmill (10 minutes or 1 mile)
Circuit 1
Standing lunge and lift (when you stand from your lunge, lift the back leg)
Chest fly
Standing row with tricep kickback
Leg lifts (lay down on a bench, straighten your legs straight up, lower them as low as you can and pull them back up)
Circuit 2
Plie squat with bicep curl
Overhead press
Tricep Dips
Plank (60 seconds, straight arms)
Repeat each circuit twice, doing 12-15 reps of each exercise. In between circuits, do 60 seconds of a cardio blast (I alternate between high knees and butt kicks).
End with 10 minutes on the bike.
I’m not a trainer or anything, this is just something I made up from watching trainers in the gym, reading blogs, etc. Have a great week!

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