Fun at Home

Thanks to my parents, I have a new view from my kitchen window…

That’s right, a gymset. A HUGE gymset. Here’s a better view…

This baby was built in the backyard on Friday and Delaney could hardly contain herself when we pulled into the driveway on Saturday. This thing is fully loaded with a rock climbing wall, tire swing, glider, rope ladder, and more! Delaney played well after dark on Saturday, and then for several more hours on Sunday. She has absolutely loved it so far. It even has a little swing on it for Darcy, which has also been a hit. Matt was out there with them for hours Sunday after it stopped raining. I think he was having just as much fun as them:)

While we were stuck inside in the rain yesterday, we gathered all the pillows in the house and made a huge jumping pit.

Delaney jumped, and jumped, and jumped… Darcy just climbed around and watched. It was so fun! They were worm out afterward. Delaney almost took a nap:)

What do yall do on a rainy day?



  1. Looks like so much fun! (especially the pillow pit!) We might have to try that on our next day stuck inside 😉

  2. Aww….reminds me of when Mama & Daddy bought us our old swingset and your granny, granddaddy & mom came over to play with us. Your poor mama had just had her allergy shots and was miserable. Come to think of it, your granddaddy probably had a hand in the assembly process.

    These cool GYMsets weren’t available back then. I know the girls are loving it!

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