Christmas Traditions

I wrote this for my work blog this week, and thought you guys might like it!


This weekend, my oldest daughter and I worked really hard on some gingerbread cookies.  Okay, the dough was pre-made, but it is hard to get that stuff to not stick to everything! When we were finished, there was flour everywhere and lots of little cut-out cookies ready to be decorated. Plus, my little one had a blast. I hope to continue this tradition every year as my little ones get bigger.

Does your family have any Christmas traditions? If not, here are some ideas that are easy to get started. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Advent Calendars- There are so many varieties now! You can go the easy route and buy a pre-filled calendar that has a little goodie for everyday leading up to Christmas. This was a favorite tradition at my house growing up. If you are feeling more creative, here are some ideas to make really fun homemade advent calendars. 
  • Christmas Lights- Whether you decorate your house or not, there are lots of options when it comes to Christmas lights. Here in the Memphis area, there are some great events for Christmas lights. One of my personal favorites is Zoo Lights at the Memphis Zoo. There’s also Starry Nights at Shelby Farms, and Snowy Nights at My Big Backyard at the Botanic Gardens. There’s always the option of bundling up in the car and driving around looking at decorated houses.
  • Reading Together- Whether if be Christmas Eve, or throughout the month of December, reading together as a family is a great tradition. It could be the Christmas Story,  the story of Saint Nicholas, or other Christmas books.
  • MOVIES- Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. At our house, we are particularly fond of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf. There are tons of classics that come on TV every year. What’s your favorite?

I hope this list inspires you to start a few traditions of your own! I would love to hear about things that you do now. Merry Christmas!


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