Darcy’s Birthday!

Today, my littlest baby turns one. I cannot believe she is one. This year has flown by, especially compared to Delaney’s first year (first year parenting is joyful, but HARD!). I can honestly say, she has been the sweetest baby. If they were all like her, I think I could have ten:)

I love this pic of Darcy. She was just a few hours old, but this picture is just a “classic Darcy face.” She loves to stick that little lip out. Melts my heart.

Because her birthday is so close to Christmas, we had her party a few weeks early. I read several “mommy” blogs and I love finding camaraderie among them, and getting good ideas. Most of them are so great at throwing birthday parties…and detail oriented! I’m not really like that:) I love the parties, but try to keep them as simple as possible.

Delaney helped me bake gingerbread cookies for all of the kids to decorate.

We had about 10-12 kids crowded around our table decorating cookies. It was definitely a hit and not nearly as messy as I thought it would be!


We had about 30 friends and family there. I made a big pot of turkey chili, and my mom brought some punch and dips. I also had cake pops from The Cake Crumb like we did for Delaney’s party. Those things are so good and always a highlight of the party!

Darcy got a cupcake from Muddy’s all to herself. When Delaney turned one, she barely touched her cake, but Darcy was all over it:) It was great.

She had fun playing with the ribbon on her gifts…and Delaney had fun opening them:) She got some new toys, PJs and diapers!

Thanks to everyone who came for making her day so special!


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