Teaching Kiddos

Every once in a while I come across a blog that I think is so fantastic I just want to tell everyone about it. Today, I found one of those blogs:)

The site is called icanteachmychild.com. Basically, there are tons of resources for teaching your kiddos at home. There are tons of ideas for teaching Biblical concepts/stories, as well as stuff that prepares them for school. Better yet, she has her activities organized by AGE!

This site is not just for parents who plan to homeschool (while I do plan on homeschooling in a co-op), but for parents of small kids who want to be intentional about the home being the primary place for learning. Hope you enjoy it!




  1. Traci Stubblefield says:

    I loved the post she has on what to do with Christmas Cards once the holiday is over….awesome!

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