Christmas Day

The girls slept until about 8am on Christmas day. It was a late night the night before, so I was glad they slept in.

We decided to do gifts, then breakfast, then Christmas reading since we had been telling Delaney that she had to wait until Sunday to open presents.

(side note…I know some  of you are wondering, no, we don’t “do santa.” The girls know who he is and that he’s around at Christmastime, but we really try to keep Christmas as Christ-centered as possible and for us, it doesn’t really include Santa. Not that you can’t have a Christ-centered Christmas that includes Santa, but we just chose to treat him like a fictional character…kinda like Mickey Mouse (Holly, I stole your analogy!)…rather than someone real that comes to our house while we are sleeping. I’ve got plenty of friends that have a blast with Santa as just a fun tradition, as well as keeping the focus on Christ, we just decided to leave it out for our fam. They still get to open presents on Christmas morning, but they are from each other. We’ve also been intentional about incorporating lots of other Christmas traditions to make the season a fun and memorable time. I don’t believe than Santa is the Devil or that my kids will turn out weird. Okay, explanation over.)

The one thing that Delaney asked for was a Barbie, and I realized the day before Christmas that I hadn’t gotten her one! I focused on art supplies and book, because she really likes those things, but I totally forgot a Barbie! I made a last minute run to Target and got one of the last Barbies available…

And she was happy! Darcy was still a little tired and grumpy from the night before…

The girls got me some earrings…

(My sis got me the ones on the left, my mom gave me the ones in the middle, and Delaney picked out the big feathers…love it!)

And Matt got me a new wedding band! I kept scratching the girls with my engagement ring and didn’t want to wear the fancy stuff to the gym, so he got me something I can wear all the time without messing it up:)

The girls played with their new stuff while I went to bake some Christmas biscuits…

We ate a big, late breakfast…and it was gooood:)

We spent some time playing, had a nap, then got ready to go to Matt’s parents house. Aunt Amy always plans games for the kids to play, Delaney started playing this one, but couldn’t hang with them so we subbed Matt in…

We had a fun time eating dinner, singing Christmas sings…

And opening presents. The funniest thing that Delaney got was a Tangled wig…

Hahahaha…should be fun keeping up with that thing!

We had a wonderful Christmas spent with family. Delaney learned John 3:16 this month so we got to talk a lot about how God gave us a present (Jesus) and how we could give presents back to God (i.e. songs, serving others, loving people). I would ask Delaney what she wanted to give God as a present, and she would say, “I want to sing him a song, and give him a picture I painted.” So sweet. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!


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