My moment

Becoming a better mom is something that I plan to work on until the Lord takes me home. No matter how old they get, no matter how many God gives us, no matter what season of life, I want to always strive to be a better mom. The only two priorities that fall in line above motherhood are my relationship with Jesus and loving Matt.

Being a mom is hard. It is a job that requires every second of every day. There are no sick days, no vacations and no monetary rewards. Most of the time, I feel like I flying by the seat of my pants and have no clue what I am doing, or if I am getting through to them at all. But just when I reach a breaking point, the Lord sends me a little encouragement. Just a little sign that says, “Keep going. Don’t give up.

My oldest baby started a little dance class last week. It’s 45 minutes long, once a week. The teacher is great, she really makes it fun for them (3 and 4 year olds).

She was so excited to start class. We got to shop for a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. She wore them around the house for a few days before class started. I was so proud of her because she walked right into class and started making friends. She tends to be a little clingy and shy at first, so I was so happy to see her embracing something new.

She made lots of new friends and learned some new dances. My encouraging moment came today though. My mom helped me out and took Delaney to dance (Darcy and I are sick and I had a meeting). When she picked her up, her dance teacher told my mom that she wanted to give Delaney extra stickers because she was such a good listener.

Say what?!

My kid listens?? To other people?? Without threatening with punishment??

Apparently so.

That was my little moment. Just a little encouragement to let me know that she is learning, she is listening.

Parenting is a battle, constantly struggling not to give into lies or throw in the towel or take the easy way out. I’ve had three friends loose their babies this year. Three friends. All three were drastically different situations, and all three were heartbreaking. I think about those babies everyday and I thank Jesus for my babies. They are here and they are healthy and God has been so gracious to allow me to stay home and fight the battle of raising them. It is a big job, it is a hard job, but it is God-given, God-ordained, and a blessing from the Lord. He is faithful.



  1. As a teacher, I’m so thankful for parents who understand that their role of parenting is from the Lord and that discipline first starts at home. Congrats on the small victories. 🙂 Gal. 6:6-10 might give you some encouragement.

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