The Dining Room Closet Project

Yesterday, the girls and I were sick so we decided to take a day off from the stuff we normally do and rest. Since we are not very good at resting, I immediately went into project mode. I hung some pictures in the girls’ rooms, finished hanging the frames in the hallway gallery, and cleaned out our dining room closet.

Oh the closet. Sigh.

Our house is older and lacks in the closet department. I don’t really mind it because it encourages simplicity and organization, but the trick is that you must constantly organize and simplify. Those things happen to be two of my favorites, so I set out to show a little love to this beloved closet yesterday.

It’s difficult to photograph because it is extremely long and narrow. It is under the staircase, so it goes back very far at the bottom, and it more shallow at the top. It’s really huge, but oddly shaped. In this closet, I store all of our small kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, medicine basket, household tools, vacuum cleaner/mop/dusters, reusable shopping bags/lunch boxes, and my go-to entertaining supplies (paper products, utensils, etc.).

I started by emptying the closet and grouping everything into categories. Then, I went around the house and found some baskets and containers that weren’t being used and put them to work. Here’s the end result…

Much better! I put some nails on the walls to hang some of my cleaning things…

It felt so good to get it organized!

The girls even liked it…




  1. good job! that picture of the girls in there really shows how long it is!

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