The one about juicing

I am so proud of Matt. Recently, he has mad so many healthy decisions (running a half marathon with his dad, regular exercise routine, cutting desserts down to one a day, etc.) and one has been getting his new juicer! He got a Breville juicer with some Christmas money and has started substituting juice for a meal everyday.

He puts a crazy combination of stuff in there, but swears it tastes good. He’s already lost about 10 lbs!

Delaney LOVES to help him juice. She will pull up a stool, help his prep all the fruits and veggies, then throw everything in the juicer. It’s really cute to see them do it together.

Juicing before a hospital shift

Personally, I have some texture/smell issues that I have to get over before I start juicing. The whole process pretty much disgusts me at this point:)


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