Booklist for 2012

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know I love to read. The relationship I have with my Kindle is strong and special. I got my first Kindle last year for my birthday, and recently my dad got me a Kindle Fire. I really love the Fire, especially all of  the stuff I can do on it other than read. I sold my first Kindle on Craig’s List just before Christmas. It was hard to part with it, but I know it went to a good home.

My favorite thing about the Kindle is that all of my books can be with me wherever I go. This is important if you like to book-hop like I do. Last year, I joined a bookclub. It has been a wonderful experience where I have met many women that I would have never been friends with if it weren’t for bookclub. I’ve also read so many books that I would never have picked out! Because we mainly read fiction best-seller type books (which I love!), I like to balance that with another non-fiction book that can impart some wisdom to my everyday life.

Now for the million dollar question…how does a mom of small kiddos find time/energy to read? This is a tricky one, but it can be done. Intentionality and planning are key. Because my Kindle is in my purse at all times, I have it readily available anytime I might have a free moment. My free moments usually occur…

  • If the girls sleep in a little later than usual
  • Rest time…Darcy takes afternoon naps, Delaney plays/reads/watches a movie quietly in her room
  • After the girls are in bed
  • Right before I go to sleep
  • On a cardio machine at the gym (Kindle is great because it lies flat and doesn’t have pages!)
  • Some of my regularly scheduled “mommy time

If you want to be a reader, the first step is to just start reading. Soon, you will be hooked and look forward to the time you spend reading. If you are in need of some good books, I put some of my favorites on the Recommended Reading page.

I would like to do a little more “book reviews” on the blog as I finish books, so we will see how that goes. Here is what I will be reading in 2012 (bookclub book listed first, then my pick)…

There you have it! What are you planning on reading this year??


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