Living Room Switcheroo

I really love to change things around in my house. Growing up, I constantly wanted to rearrange my room. Something about change I just love! Since we have moved into our house, I’ve changed things a lot. I just like to make things efficient, family friendly and pretty:)

When we moved, we bought two chairs for our new living room. We wanted to be able to seat as many people as we could, so we have a couch, two recliners, two accent chairs, and two ottomans in the room. It’s a long room, so it can handle all the furniture without looking crowded.

The Accent Chairs: Before

The Accent Chairs: Before

Here is how the two accent chairs have been since we moved in. It looked fine, but the printed chair is way more comfy than the red leather one and it wasn’t getting the use it deserved in the corner by the window (hard to see the TV from it). So…I moved out an end table and flipped them.

The Accent Chairs: After

Ignore the sleeping Daddy on the couch…it was Sunday afternoon:)

Not a huge change, but someone is constantly sitting in the big comfy chair now…which makes me happy.

Do you change things in your house often?




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