The Kitchen Mud Room Project

A few weeks ago, I got the idea to turn our eat-in kitchen area into a mudroom.

This is the area before. We got the table and picture when we moved in, and have never used the table for anything except collecting mail. I love the way it looks, but the way we had it set up was just wasted space. Wasted space is a smallish house is, well, a waste, so I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration. I talked to Matt about it and he agreed that it would serve our family better as a mudroom, so we hired my brother in law to tackle the job while we were in ATL last week. Here is what it looks like now…

We LOVE it! I really like how he ran the backsplash tile through it. It looks so good in the kitchen.

We already have it filled up with shoes, Delaney’s backpack, gym bags, the diaper bag and coats. It’s so nice to have it at the back door so we can sit down and unload. I already had the throw pillows in our bonus room, and we found a light fixture in the attic that we spray painted white. We also already had the tile, paint and bead board from other projects in the house, so we paid for the wood and labor. It was well worth it!


  1. Miss. Zoe says:

    It looks wonderful I can wait to have a home to tackle. Apartments are a rough go of it, You can’t do anything fun to decorate, at least according to my lease… Good Job!

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