Sickness is gone…for now.

I think this picture summarizes our house last week. Darcy had a high fever for a few days, and then ended up having a horrible double ear infection. This was tacked on to the end of a long strand of colds/bronchitis/ear infections that the three of us have passed around for a while. Darcy was incredibly fussy for several days. I felt so bad for her. I was so frustrated with the situation, I found myself being pretty short with Delaney as well. It was a long few days.

Amen. I read this one morning amidst the chaos, and it was such a wonderful reminder.

The sickness was only one factor of the full week we had: we did our taxes (not good…), we got a dog (more on that later), I got a stomach bug (yuck), Matt sold his jeep (sad…) and had Lasik surgery on his eyes (good). It was just one of those weeks that needed a big deep breath to go along with it. Praise the Lord, everyone is healthy and recovering well, and a little peace and order has been restored to our home:) More details to come!


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