A few months after Matt and I got married, we got a puppy. Matt was working nights, so I was home alone a lot. Piper kept me company. She was a good dog, we taught her commands and she loved to play. She also had a ton of energy, so it was difficult when we had visitors because she wanted to jump on them. Plus, she shed. A lot. After Delaney was born, I had a hard time with the shedding. Having a baby that spent a lot of time on the floor, I constantly felt like the house was dirty and I vacuumed every day.

When we moved into our rental house, the landlord didn’t want us to have a pet, so Piper went to live with a friend of ours that lived close by. She was single and had a fenced backyard, perfect for Piper. Matt and I decided we didn’t want another dog until the girls were older. Until a few weeks ago.

When we went to Atlanta un January, the family that we stayed with had two dogs…and six kids. The dogs were great and were a joyful part of the family. Matt and I could actually envision having a dog at our house. A very particular type of dog.

So I started doing some research. I knew that I didn’t want a puppy again. With the girls, I just didn’t want to deal with potty training a dog again. Piper did great with it, but it takes a lot of time and patience, and I would rather channel that time and patience toward the girls than a puppy.

I also knew I didn’t want a dog that shed and had a good temperament for the girls. I narrowed it down to a few breeds that I thought would be good for our family and started the search. I used and found a short list of dogs that I wanted to visit.

Both of the rescue groups were great. They asked a lot of questions about us to find out which dog would be the best fit for us. When we narrowed it down, we had two dogs come separately to our house for a visit. I am so glad we got to do this! Morgan was the first dog to visit. She was so comfortable in our house. The girls acted totally normal around her, so I felt like we got a good taste of what it would be like if she came to live with us.

We did have a second dog come visit named Leah. She was a cute little dog from a different rescue group. Leah just wasn’t very comfortable at our house so we knew that she probably wouldn’t like living there with two crazy little girls.

Matt finished building the fence in our backyard for my birthday, and Morgan came to live with us on February 4. She has adjusted really well and the girls have loved every second with her. So far, a dog has been a wonderful addition to our family! She has a little crate in our bedroom where she sleeps and stays when we have to be away from home. She is a miniature schnauzer, so she is hypoallergenic (no shedding, little/no dander)! She is so sweet with the girls, but very attached to me. During the day, she follows every step I take.

We thought Morgan was about two years old, but we took her in for a visit to the vet last week (shout out to Walnut Grove Animal Clinic!) and turns out she is only about 10 months old! She’s a puppy! She’s potty trained though, so that’s all that matters:)

If you are considering getting a dog for your family, I would definitely recommend going the adoption route!


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