A bad year in taxes, but a wonderful husband.

I did our taxes last weekend. It wasn’t pretty.

This was our first year as full time staff of PCM, and we were totally ignorant of all tax-related issues of being in ministry (self-employment tax/housing allowance/blahblahblah…). Because we didn’t do our due-diligence on the front end, we were left with a substantial tax payment on the back end. Yuck.

I knew it wasn’t going to be good, but I didn’t know exactly how not good it would be. It was not good.

I calmly texted Matt the amount that we owed. The Lord really did give me grace upon grace for that moment. This was to be the year that we erased our debt. In that moment, that seemed like an impossibility. Regardless, I knew that there was nothing we could do about this now, only prepare for next year and figure out a plan to pay everything off.

When I got home, Matt and I sat down to go over our budget and make all the changes we needed to in order to get on the right track. In the back of my mind, I was thinking of things that we could sell to knock out a big chunk of our debt. Only one thing came to mind…

Last year, in effort to get rid of car payments, Matt sold his truck bought a 1976 Jeep. I totally didn’t understand it, but it was something that he always wanted, and it actually worked, so I went with it. Since then, Matt’s dad gave  us a truck. A real one (Ford F150). The jeep was tucked away in the garage to save for joy rides when the weather was nice. I knew if we sold the jeep, Matt would be so sad, but it would pay what we owed in taxes. I thought about asking Matt to sell it, or consider selling it, but I decided I couldn’t ask him. He loved the Jeep, and it would be up to him when and if he ever got rid of it.

“I listed the Jeep on Craig’s List.” Matt said.

I was shocked. Seriously?? He had listed it in the 15 minutes it had taken me to text the amount to him and then drive home. He said he knew what he had to do. Now, it just needed to sell before April 15.

While we were eating dinner a few hours later, Matt got a phone call. Someone wanted to look at the Jeep. In 20 minutes. They came and looked, took it for a test drive, handed us a wad of cash, and the Jeep was their’s. It sold in four hours.

I really don’t have words for what Matt did. I know that he loved that Jeep. I know it was a creative outlet for him and a way of escape. I know he did not want to let it go. I also know that he loves our family more than that Jeep. I know that he desires to honor the Lord with they way we use money, and to be good stewards.

We still have a ways to go to pay off all of our consumer debt, but God is faithful. We have a plan, a budget, and commitment to the Lord and to each other that we will do this. I know it can be uncomfortable to talk about money issues, but if we struggle with it, I’m sure someone that reads this blog struggles with it too. I can give a list a mile long of ways that we have totally screwed up when it comes to money, but I can also tell you about the faithfulness of the Lord. We are learning, growing in wisdom and sanctification. God bless:)


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