Thoughts on Mother’s Day

I was putting Delaney to bed a couple of nights ago and it was business as usual…bedtime routine, a short playtime, and then the nightly complaining about not wanting to go to bed. Every night, I so look forward to closing the door to my oldest daughter’s room and breathing out the exhaustion of the day. As she persistently resisted me, I was quickly losing patience in the longing for post-bedtime bliss and recovery. I felt myself fighting the urge to snap at her, and then, nearly audibly, I heard Him say, “You resist me all the time. You rarely do what you are told. I don’t rest. And I don’t even get tired.” Ouch. The Holy Spirit certainly has a way with words that cut deeply (as sharp as a double-edged sword perhaps? Piercing between bones and marrow…).

Forgive me, Lord. The giver of life, patience, energy, renewal. Forgive me for failing to live in light of your daily presence in every single moment of my day. Forgive me for not living the theology that I so deeply believe. Do we even believe it if we fail to live in light of our beliefs?

Motherhood is hard. It is a high and holy calling to be blessed with little lives. This Mother’s Day, let us not grow weary. We have a Savior that gives strength and forgiveness freely. Strength and forgiveness. For every single day. Let us rest in that.


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