Curriculum Choices: Pre-K

This is our very first year homeschooling so we are easing into things with Pre-K. When we decided to homeschool, I was so overwhelmed with all the options out there. A few things were non-negotiable for me:

  1. Community- We needed a regularly scheduled community of other homeschool families or we knew we wouldn’t last long!
  2. Language rich- We firmly believe in the power of words and books. I love to read and wanted to pass this along to my kiddos, therefore, curriculum that was language based (instead of screen/image based) was really important to us!
  3. Fun!- D1 is only 4. She is a little advanced in some areas, so I wanted to provide opportunities for her to be challenged, but I definitely didn’t want to overload her or me our very first year.

After a ton of research and attending one very large homeschool convention, we settled on the classical model of education. Choosing a model gave us a framework for choosing all of the other things we would need (I keep saying “we” because Matt and I made all of these decisions 100% together). We settled on joining a Classical Conversations community locally. CC totally lined up with our ideology and convictions on education, so it was a really easy decision once we heard about them. We will meet with our community every Thursday morning. I even signed up to be the tutor for the 4/5 year old class (WHAT?!)! I know a lot of the language I’m using right now may sound like I am speaking German, so if you want to know more, let me know!

Apart from our CC memory work each week, we chose a few more things to help us with Pre-K:

  • Phonics/reading- All About Reading Pre-level 1. We actually first got level 1, but it was a little too advance for D1 so we got level pre-1. We’ve already started this and it has been a huge hit with BOTH girls!
  • Math- Math-U-See Primer . We have already started this as well. Basically, its an introduction to counting, skip counting, place value, writing numbers, telling time, and other introductory things.
  • HistoryStory of the World Volume 1. Oh my goodness. I cannot say enough good things about this. D1 has listened to a little of the stories already, but I have listened to nearly the entire book! I wish I had learned history (the first time) this way. We’re planning on reading a story each week, checking out some books from the library on the recommended reading list, and doing some activities (coloring, games, etc.) from the activity book.

That’s it! We will probably spend about an hour total of desk time each day (maybe less) and the rest will be doing activities, singing songs, playing games and reading books (as well as learning to cook, clean, do laundry, bake, etc). We’ve also planned each week to go to story time at the main library and either the zoo or children’s museum or something else like that.

Any other homeschool moms out there? Have you used any of this stuff before? What are you using?



  1. I have never personally used any of these curriculum, but I have friends who use Math-U-See and Story of the World. They seem to really like the curriculum.

    We use a whole slew of things. We use aBeka for Language and Arithmetic. We use A Reason for Writing, National Spelling Bee lists, and KONOS for unit studies.

    The Classical Conversations sounds fun! I hope you enjoy!


  1. […] had the year all planned out. We would try to get in a phonics lesson, math lesson and read from history books everyday. If we […]

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