We had orientation for our Classical Conversations (CC) community yesterday and it was great! I have nine sweet kiddos and their moms in my class (D1 included). We learned a lot and I have a ton to do before our first meeting next week! After orientation, we got to hang out with our friends Ms. Katie and Jonah. Jonah will be in our CC class this year and yesterday was the first time he and D1 got to hang out. They had a lot of fun! So much so that D1 found a cicada shell and named it “Jonah.” she made sure to clarify that it was her friend Jonah…not the one that got swallowed by the whale:)




  1. […] my students, which is an interesting combination:) Everything went great for our first day. D1 took Jonah with her for her presentation. We came home absolutely exhausted, but it was a really good […]

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