This week’s workout plan

Since I’ve been back, my writing has felt so awkward! One of the reasons I really like blogging is because of all of the practice I get at writing and communicating. The better writer I am, the better speaker I am. The better speaker I am, the less awkward I am around people:) So please bear with me as I get back into the swing of writing. Please and thank you.

I thought I would share my workout plan for this week. I know that it is really tough to make time for exercise…especially when you are trying to juggle a job, family and life in general. The best piece of advice I can offer is to plan workouts into your week just like you plan meals and appointments. Write it down! Here are my plans this week…

Monday- off

Tuesday- 6am two mile run with running buddy Traci

Wednesday- 6am strength training at the gym

Thursday- 6 am two mile run with running buddy Traci

Friday- 6 am strength training at the gym

Saturday- off, outside play with kiddos

Sunday- 7am 3 mile run with running buddy Traci

I normally don’t schedule so many “running days” because I really like to do several different kinds of cardio, but I am signed up for the St. Jude half marathon so I need to get back into running-specific shape!  As you can see, all of my workouts are in the early morning. If it doesn’t happen then…it doesn’t happen!

I hope this helps! Does anyone else have any tips?


*Disclaimer: I am a certified personal trainer through NASM. Always check with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise program.



  1. Yep I agree, plan your workouts like you are planning meetings at work, you wouldn’t skip out on your boss would you? Don’t skip out on your health!

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